Jubilee Centre Caretaker – Ray Davis

21 years loyal service (2005)

21 years loyal service (2005)

It is our sad duty to report the passing of our valued caretaker at our Jubilee Centre of 29 years Mr Raymond Davis, who left his mortal coil whilst away on holiday in Cyprus.

He will be sorely missed by us all at M.I.A. and by the tenants that he looked after so carefully in the Jubilee Centre.  Our condolences and those of our tenants, have been passed on to his wife and his family at this difficult time.

One Response to “Jubilee Centre Caretaker – Ray Davis”

  1. October 28, 2013 at 10:51 am #

    I was shocked at the news of ‘Old Ray’ passing away. I always thought he would be around forever. Since I have retired I would often ask him when was he going to retire, the answer was always the same that he was not ready.
    I know I can speak for the Directors and staff of Atelier Screenprint Ltd in asking that our sincere condolences be passed on to his wife and family.
    He was a good friend and loyal company man to the end. I am sure that MIA will miss him very much.